Helpful Slingshot Tips…

Some tips, some opinions and some essentials about safety.
*RHA recommend that you wear eye protection at all times when shooting!

The Bands…

All RHA Blaster models are designed to use bands “OTT” or “over the top”.
This means that the bands should come over the top of the fork tips when drawn. (see pic)
This can pull the main bands free from the frame and cause serious injury.
This applies to ALL makes and models of slingshot that are OTT not just those from RHA.

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The Grip…

RHA Slingshots are designed to be shot in the “Pinch Grip” aka “Gangster” style where the forks are held horizontally (as per pic).
The forefinger over the top of the frame and the thumb used to brace against the pressure of the draw.
In the second picture you can seee a reverse view of the grip…
As a bonus in this picture you can see the bands are directly under my dominant eye aiding lining up the target.

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The Anchor Point…

To attain accuracy and maintain consistency it is essential to use exactly the same anchor point each time you draw the bands.
The anchor point is a position that you can bring your pouch hand back to every time.

In the first picture you can see me using the corner of the mouth
(a good starting point for beginners but used by experienced shooters too).

The second picture I’m anchoring using a knuckle on part of my ear.

The third picture is a “floating anchor” or “half butterfly”, difficult to get right and requires lots of practice.

Slingshot advice

Care of Bands…

The majority of slingshot bands are made of a Latex material and latex is degraded by UV light.
With that in mind it’s a good idea to store your slingshot out of sunlight when not using it.

Be careful not to damage the edges of your bands. Any imperfection along the edge will very quickly result in tearing and failure of the bands

Band life is generally reckoned to be around 1000 shots although this can vary accoring to usage and the band length to draw length ratio.
If you use a short draw your bands will last longer than if you use an extremely long draw for instance.
The good news is RHA bands have a relatively long life compared to the market leader when looked after properly.

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