Helpful Slingshot Tips…

Some tips, some opinions and some essentials about safety.


Safety first, always!..
At all times when shooting a slingshot the safety of yourself and those around you is your responsibility. Never compromise on safety.

1) Always wear adequate eye protection when shooting.
RHA Slingshots strongly recommends the use of safety glasses compliant to a minimum of EN166 standards.
Normal spectacles will not provide sufficient protection. If you wear spectacles safety “over-glasses” are available from many retail outlets.

2) Despite slingshots/catapults not being classified as a restricted item in most countries, THEY ARE NOT TOYS.
Always shoot responsibly, adhere to range safety guidelines and supervise children at all times.

3) Inspect your slingshot frame and bands before shooting for signs of wear or damage. Replace affected parts where necessary.

4) Range safety – Be especially aware of your shooting environment and never shoot if someone is in front of the “firing line”.
Use an adequate backstop. In the event of missing your target it should be one that will take the energy out of the shot.
Set up your range to minimize or eliminate the risk of ricochets from hard surfaces.
Do not use a hard surface as a backstop.

Above all be sensible, be safe but have fun!
The world of slingshot sport is easily accessible, affordable and diverse.
You can be shooting a slingshot within minutes of picking one up for the first time but pin-point accuracy, at least for most people, will take time and dedication.
Like all things in life worth doing it’s worth putting in the “work” to get the most out of it.
Set your challenges, learn as you go and enjoy the journey!

Note: Please observe local laws whenever necessary.
For example, wrist braced slingshots are forbidden in Germany and there is a total ban on using a slingshot in Holland

TIP No.1
Pulling the Bands…

All RHA SLINGSHOT models are designed to use bands “OTT” or “over the top”.
This means that the bands should come over the top of the fork tips when drawn. (see pic)
This can pull the main bands free from the frame and cause serious injury.
This applies to ALL makes and models of slingshot that are OTT not just those from RHA.

Slingshot Catapult advice help

TIP No.2
The Grip…

RHA Slingshots are designed to be shot in the “Braced Grip” and the forks held horizontally (as per pic).
The forefinger over the top of the frame and the pad of the thumb are used to brace against the pressure of the draw.
In the second picture you can see a reverse view of the grip…
As a bonus, in this picture you can see the bands are directly under my dominant eye aiding lining up the target.

Slingshot advice

TIP No.3
The Anchor Point…

To attain accuracy and maintain consistency it is essential to use exactly the same anchor point each time you draw the bands.
The anchor point is a position that you can bring your pouch hand back to every time.

In the first picture you can see me using the corner of the mouth
(a good starting point for beginners but used by some experienced shooters too).

The second picture I’m anchoring using a knuckle on part of my ear.

The third picture is a “floating anchor” or “half butterfly”, difficult to get right and requires lots of practice.

Slingshot advice

TIP No.4
Care of Slingshot Frame & Bands…

Store your slingshot/catapult in a cool dry environment. When not shooting keep your slingshot out of direct sunlight.
UV light will drastically reduce the lifespan of you bands/tubes.
Always store bands in a cool, dark place when not in use. Do not expose bands to high temperatures (like your car on a summer day!)

Be careful not to damage the edges of your bands. Any imperfection along the edge will very quickly result in tearing and failure of the bands

Band life can vary greatly but is generally reckoned to be around 1000 shots. This can vary according to the type and cut of the bands, their usage and the band length to draw length ratio as well as the general care and maintenance of the bands.
Note: If you use a short draw your bands will last longer than if you use an extremely long draw for instance (for the same length of band).

Slingshot catapult bands