Woodsman Arrow Rescue


The original RHA Pryl has now evolved and become the RHA Woodsman!

The Woodsman arrow rescue is THE perfect tool to retrieve your arrow when its stuck in wood.

A bladed knife, chisel or even a screwdriver can nick the shaft of your arrow thus causing potentially catastrophic damage. The Woodsman’s design allows for an extremely sharp point to penetrate the wood and an 8mm stainless steel shank for great levering properties. The bullet shape to the point allows it to slide along the shaft of your arrow with no danger of damaging it.
After loosening the fibers of the wood your arrow comes out easily, no cutting required!
(video demo coming soon!)

The stylish Woodsman Arrow Rescue is currently offered in the following *spec:
• Ash handle and sheath
• Buffalo horn accents/protectors (vegan alternative possible)
• 8mm “full tang” Stainless steel spike
• Leather belt loop for all belts up to 50mm width (vegan alternative possible)
• Beeswax natural twine binding
• Weight: 190g (approx)
• Length of spike:
• Total length:

I am extremely excited about this new product which has been developed over time to provide exactly what the archer needs in a stylish and robust package. For arrow retrieval, it rocks!
*Other designs with the same great features will be available soon

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The Woodsman Arrow Rescue Tools are hand made to order – With that in mind please allow at least 2 weeks manufacture time. Trust me, the wait is worth it!