RHA “Outlaw” English Longbow

OUTLAW English Longbow – from Robin Hood Archery!
(Contains bow, string, brass nock, string keeper, stringer and RHA bow sleeve)

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but boy does this bow tick all the right boxes.
Stunningly finished, beautifully crafted and with performance that pushes the boundaries for an English Longbow”!
Kev “Arrow” Smith

Bow Details:

  • 74″ long English Longbow
  • Tri-laminate of bamboo/Padauk/Lemonwood
  • Horn arrow pass both sides (making it suitable for RH or LH archers!)
  • Stitched leather grip in Lincoln green
  • Horn limb tips
  • 14 strand fastflight double looped flemish string (includes brass nock)
  • Bow Stringer
  • Leather string keeper in Lincoln green
  • Robin Hood Archery canvas bow sleeve

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