Reiver Primitive Flatbow

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Reiver – Custom Primitive Flatbow

“Heritage Lee Ankers at Heritage Longbows is a master bowyer and his dedication to quality and innovation is unsurpassed! Having shot and owned several bows made by Lee myself I can add my own stamp of appoval without hesitation”.
Kev “Arrow” Smith

Brand new flatbow model – Reiver

No arrow shelf
Tapered timber core
Bamboo back and belly
68″ nock to nock
Stitched leather grip
Arrow pass both sides (making it suitable for RH or LH archers!)
Padauk tip overlays
14 strand fastflight double looped flemish string
Can be shot in the primative or AFB class
…and it’s FAST!

Custom draw lengths and weights
Just select from the dropdown menus


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