Blaster Pocketeer


Product details:

“Small but packing a punch”!

The “Pocketeer” is a great addition to the RHA slingshot range and is a superb little pocket shooter.
With dimensions of only 120 x 95mm the Pocketeer is super easy to take with you and slip into a pocket.

Before using please make use of our RHA Helpful Slingshot Tips!

Dimensions – 120mm x 95mm
Material – 18mm high grade Birch mulitplex
Attachment – Bands OTT
Finish – Hard wax finish to keep the natural feel of wood

Pricing options:
Pocketeer (frame only) €22,00
Double straight cut 20mm Theraband Gold + €5,50
Double taper cut 25/20mm Theraband Gold + €8,50

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