Outlaw – Deluxe Custom Arrows


Outlaw Arrows – The ultimate in wooden arrow performance

“The Outlaw tapered arrows were designed to compliment the Outlaw English Longbow but they will also work just as superbly with other types of bow design. Let me take care of the tuning and you’ll see just what a wooden arrow is capable of”!
Kev “Arrow” Smith

All RHA custom arrows are tuned to suit the archer and their equipment by a professional arrowsmith to give maximum performance. Static spine, length & point weight are all optimized based on the type, model and poundage of bow as well as the archers draw length.
In short – highly tuned to work to their maximum efficiency!

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Outlaw – The ultimate in wooden arrow performance

Outlaw arrow:

  • German spruce shafts
  • Spine and weight matched
  • 12″ taper – 11/32″ – 5/15″ at the nock end
  • TopHat brass field points* – designed to save the shaft on hard impact
  • Hand-cut RHA fletching in “Hunter” design
  • Whipping to the front of the fletching for added security

*Other points are available on request

please CONTACT me if you require any help in configuring your ideal arrows.

At the time of ordering I will need to know:
  1. Make & Model of bow
  2. Bow poundage (either on your fingers or the standard “at 28”)
  3. Your draw length
  4. Type of string fitted if not standard
  5. Intended category of use for the arrows
  6. Whether you shoot left or right handed (for wooden arrows only)

Traditional hand cresting of a shaft at Robin Hood Archer. All done with paint, brushes and a steady hand!

If you have any question regarding this product please don’t hesitate to contact me

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