Outlaw – Deluxe Custom Arrows


Custom Arrows – The ultimate in wooden arrow efficiency

All RHA arrows are tuned to best suit the archer and their equipment by a professional arrowsmith.
Static spine, length & point weight are all optimized based on the type, model and poundage of bow as well as the archers draw length.
In short – highly tuned to work to their maximum efficiency!

Outlaw arrow:

  • German spruce shafts
  • Spine and weight matched
  • 12″ taper – 11/32″ – 5/16″ at the nock end
  • TopHat brass field points* – designed to save the shaft on hard impact
  • Hand-cut RHA fletching in “Hunter” design
  • Whipping to the front of the fletching for added security

*Other points are available on request

See the description panel below for more details.