Little Sioux Kids Longbow Set


Little Sioux Kids Longbow Set

“Not a pumped up toy like some kids bows, this is a proper bow just like Mum and Dads. It just happens to be small enough for the little uns to use”!
Kev “Arrow” Smith

The Little Sioux kids’s bow forms the core of this great kit! Quiver, arm guard, shooting glove and 3 arrows round off the Little Sioux bow set so that our youngest archers can get started straight away.

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Little Sioux Kids Longbow Set

The Little Sioux Kids Longbow has been designed with our smallest archers in mind. Simple yet effective. We want to inspire a new generation of archers and to set them on the right path they need a great bow that shoots properly! This means that our small archers feel they can “play with the big boys” and are able to become enthusiastically involved in archery. To make sure they have a lot of fun and enjoyment we developed exactly the right bow for the 3 – 7 year age class. The Little Sioux does not only look great but it shoots great to!

  • Length: 35 inches (approx. 89 cm)
  • Draw Weights: 10- 15 lbs at 18 inches
  • Riser: Walnut
  • Limbs: Black Glass
  • Tips: Walnut
  • Grip: Straight Longbow Grip
  • String: Whisper String
  • Brace Height: 4 1/2 inch
  • Guarantee: This bow is warranted against breaking or de-laminating for a period of two (2) years. Once a bow is received, any claims for twisted limbs must be reported to Bearpaw Products within the first two weeks; either by email, service ticket, or telephone. Dealers of Bearpaw Products must check all bows immediately upon receipt for any and all defects and report them within the prescribed time limits. Warranty claims are only accepted within the time frames and terms listed above.
  • Accessories: Arm guard Kids Mini, Shooting Glove XXS, Side Quiver, 3 Youth Wooden Arrows Standard (Model, colors and versions of the set components may differ from the picture)

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