Grizzly String


“Quite simply, a Grizzly String is the best string available“!
Kev “Arrow” Smith.


From Dacron to the now famous Hybrid string, Grizzly Strings offers high-quality handmade Bow Strings made from high-end materials at an amazing price. All our Grizzly Strings feature an extra long splice to improve shock absorption, a triple wax for longevity, and a pre-stretch in excess of 250lbs to cut down on the bedding in period. Now with added Gore® for increased vibration dampening (Hybrid and Pro strings only).

Hybrid Grizzly String…

A blend of high-end fast flight material inlaid with a Flemish twist. Giving you a softer, quiet, more forgiving shot, while still maintaining incredible speed. Overall, a great balance of speed and performance with minimum noise, and designed to suit any bow.

Pro Grizzly String…

An all Fast Flight Flemish twist, high-performance string made for speed out of the highest end materials. Designed for high-end bows, giving you the very best in speed and performance – with added Gore® for increased vibration dampening.

Classic Grizzly String…

The old faithful classic D-97 high-performance traditional Bow String offers a sound balance of performance and durability, and it has been the mainstay of the traditional archer for many a season.

Dacron Grizzly String…

The B-55 G-Sting is the perfect choice for that vintage bow. Its made of a very soft and forgiving material similar to Dacron but with better durability and a very low stretch.

Please feel free to share the Make/Model of your bow in the ordering process as well as any additional information that you think may be relevant.
If you dont see the string you require in the drop-down lists or if you have any questions about the range of G-Strings then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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These strings are custom made – With that in mind please allow at least 2 weeks manufacture time. Trust me, the wait is worth it!

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