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“True craftsmanship at it’s best! Built with an artisans pride in his craft.
As always with products in the RHA online shop these superb leather finger tabs are made in Europe and the quality shows
Kev “Arrow” Smith.

VLBB Finger Tabs – 3 Under & Split Finger

Quality first, second and third!
Beautifully stitched archery TABS using the best materials available. For instance Clayton Shell Cordovan from England.
Something to note is that VLBB Finger Tabs are available in a plethora of size and are also constructed to suit the poundage of bow you shoot!
The design choices for your tab are mind boggling but I will go through the ordering process with you to make sure you are getting EXACTLY what you want.
As well as the obvious choice of sizes, colour combinations of both leather and stitching you can also stipulate whether you would like Polyurethane or wood finger spacer.

Important: When ordering please let me know the following –

Do you wear the finger tab on your right or your left hand?
Which size do you require? (PDF Sizing Guide HERE)
What is the weight of your bow (on your fingers if possible)?
Do you prefer a thicker or a thinner tab?
Colour – You can choose a single or two colour design. You can also choose the colour of the stitching if you wish!
Choose from brown, black, saddle tan, natural, red, green & blue
VLBB tabs are truly are custom made to your needs.

Pricing Guide:
Calfskin – Three Under: €14,-
Cordovan – Three Under: €30,-
Calfskin – Split Finger: €14,-
Cordovan – Split Finger: €30,-
Calfskin – Split Finger + Polyurethane Spacer: €19,-
Calfskin – Split Finger + Wooden Spacer: €32,-
Cordovan – Split Finger + Polyurethane Spacer: €35,-
Cordovan – Split Finger + Wooden Spacer: €48,-

is not a protected name as it comes from Cordoba, Spain and is a very old and well known name. We usually refer to shell Cordovan to indicate that we are only using a small and specific part of horsehide which has the special structure ideal for our needs. Clayton Shell Cordovan is pure vegetable tanned and produced in exactly the same method as used since early last century.

Some companies use the word cordovan for the whole horse hide, which is not correct. The other parts of the horse hide are very different in structure to the shell and cannot be compared.
For Archery you need shell Cordovan.


Many design options possible!…
Please add your design preference/leather colour combination via the checkout or contact me to discuss design possibilities

If you have any question regarding this product please don’t hesitate to contact me

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