Falcon Outdoor Knife

Although designed for the Bushcrafter, Survivor, Prepper, Angler and Hunter market the Falcon Outdoor Knife makes a great companion for us archers too!

Now, as we know, archers don’t tend to use our knives much for carving, cutting, batoning, chopping, making a fire, or any of the other functions that this knife was originally designed for. Even though the Falcon Outdoor Knife is great at all of that kind of stuff, what we need a knife for is digging arrows out when they’re stuck in wood!
(it happens to the best of us, right?)

The Falcon Outdoor Knife is an ideal knife for our purposes for several reasons:

The 1.4034 steel (AISI420) used for the Falcon is rustproof, very tough and takes on a really nice edge. It’s also easy to maintain. Due to the medium hardness temper (approx 56 rockwell) and the associated toughness of the material, the blade is very forgiving in its lateral strength.
To add to that the blade thickness of 3.8 mm makes it a sturdy tool but which, in absolutely extreme cases, is designed to bend rather than break. A MUCH safer bet when applying sideways pressure on the blade when trying to retrieve an arrow.

The special shape of the Falcon and the G10 material of the handle scales ensures a very pleasant hand position and a firm and secure grip. Also, the large thumb ramp and finger guard in front of the blade are a nice safeguard against accidental slipping.

The nicely shaped back of the Falcon Outdoor knife blade facilitates easy penetration into wooden target surrounds, trees or tree stumps and roots.

The exposed tang at the end of the handle can, among other things, be used to crush nuts or other “bushcraftery” type stuff should the urge take you.

I have found the Kydex sheath to be an absolute triumph of design. Its weather resistant, can be easily cleaned and can be fitted to almost any width belt (inc Mil-Spec). It can even be rotated by 90 degrees for horizontal mounting and/or adjusted for fitting on your left or right hand side.

Blade Length: 11 cm
Blade Thickness: 3,8mm
Handle Length: 12,5 cm
Construction: Full Tang
Weight: 300g (approx)

Price: €69,90 – orders via email only
**Age Restricted Product – Sales to 18+ ONLY
*Price includes free shipping within Germany
*All other EU countries + €5,00
*Worldwide shipping outside of the EU at cost (please ask)


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