Elite English Longbow


“The Elite English Longbow is yet another supreme example of the craftsmanship, attention to detail and performance offered by bows from Heritage”.
Kev “Arrow” Smith

Bamboo – Purpleheart – Ipe

Traditional 3 Laminate Elite English Longbow

  • Back – Bamboo
  • Tapered Core – Purpleheart core
  • Belly- Ipe (Brazilian Walnut)

Black horn nocks fitted as standard with stringing groove.
Black buffalo horn circle or Mother of Pearl for arrow pass fitted to both sides
allowing the bow can be shot left or right handed
Hand stitched Leather grip
14 strand double looped flemish string (Assorted colours)
Tillered to bend “Compass” through the handle.
Tillered to a standard 28″ draw, maximum draw length of 29″
This bow has been constructed with a forward set to the limbs which increases speed and reduces string follow

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