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“I personally tested the Blackfoot for Bearpaw prior to production. Its so good it comes with my personal recommendation and Im happy to include it here in the RHA Archery Starter Kit!
The bow has received incredible reviews since its release and deservedly so.

If you havent seen my bow review on Youtube you can check it out HERE !
The Blackfoot is a bow that performs on all levels from beginner to advanced”.
Kev “Arrow” Smith

Your Route to Traditional Archery…

(Includes a bow with a 2 year Bearpaw warranty!)
Top quality traditional archery starter kit to suit almost every age and skill level. This gear is so good you can shoot it for years and it will give you outstanding service for all of that time.

Archery Starter Kit Contains…

Bearpaw “Blackfoot” Longbow
• Bow length: 66 inches
• Bow draw weight: 25 – 50 lbs (please specify from the drop-down list)
• Riser: Actionwood/Bubinga/Maple
• Limbs: Maple with clear clearglas
• Tips: Mycarta
• String: Whisper String
• Brace height: 7inches
• Warranty: 2 year Bearpaw warranty

6x Nijora “Songan” Carbon Arrows*
I put the utmost care into the construction of any arrows, after all the arrow is an important component to successful shooting!
The Songan carbon arrows are fitted with bright wraps to help locate the odd wayward shot, fletched with beautiful high quality natural feathers, and finished off with stainless steel protector caps to add extra robustness to the shafts, aluminium inserts and steel field points .
*Arrows will be matched to the bow at the time of ordering.

1x Leather Arm Guard
Simple, safe, practical! This classic armguard is used in the whole world of archery. Light brown buckskin stylishly rounds off its traditional look.

1x Finger “Tab”
The thick and smooth leather offers the best protection for your fingers against the string and allows a smooth release.
The integrated plastic separator is between middle and index finger to provide ideal positioning of your fingers.
Options: Available in RH or LH and sizes XS – XL  (please specify from the drop-down list)

1x Universal Bow “Stringer”
An essential part of your archery equipment!
Bow Stringers are used to tension the bow when fitting the string. They prevent the limbs twisting which could result in damage to the bow.
Our Universal bowstringer is made of high-quality leather and can be used for recurve or longbows.

If you have any question regarding this product please don’t hesitate to contact me

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