12x Nijora “Taperon”


*price includes your choice of nock and insert!!!

Tapered carbon shaft with High performance and stylish looks.

The Nijora Taperon carbon shaft has a special trick up its sleeve… it has a continuous taper from the point to the nock!

Through this newly developed construction of specially manufactured carbon fibers the Taperon shaft stabilizes faster in flight and looses less energy via sideways motion.
This equals a flatter trajectory compared to normal cylindrical shafts with equal weight and spine values.

Made from 100% cross-weave carbon making them superbly fast as well as robust.
The “Taperon” gives a super fast arrow with flatter parabolic flight characteristics, high levels of precision and an optimal shaft gpi and make it absolutely unique within the European market.

The internal diameter is standard 0,245 inches = 6,22 mm along the the whole shaft. This means they will accept all available 5/16 inch components such as points, inserts and nocks.

  • Constructed within tight tolerances and laser checked!
  • Tough and dependable!
  • Superb accuracy & performance!
  • Multi layer 3K Carbon

Constructed to the tightest tolerances from cross-weave K3 carbon fibre Nijora shafts are the pinacle of carbonfibre shaft technology! Many archers have already discovered the benefits of adding Nijora to their armoury. Not only are they precise in construction they are also beautifully finished. The shafts are robust but so is the finish. These shafts will stay beautiful for the duration of their life!

Price is per set of 12 shafts INCLUDING your choice of nock AND insert.
“I will gladly cut you shafts to length free of charge”!

  • Design: 3K Black Carbon Varnished finish
  • Length: 32″ (81,28cm)
  • Available spine: 400-500-600
  • Straightness: +/- 006
  • Inside Diameter: 0,245″

Please see “Description” tab below for more tech spec…

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