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Outlaw – Deluxe Arrows


The ultimate in wooden arrow efficiency

Outlaw arrow:

  • German spruce shafts
  • Spine and weight matched
  • 12″ taper – 11/32″ – 5/15″ at the nock end
  • TopHat brass field points* – designed to save the shaft on hard impact
  • Hand-cut RHA fletching in “Hunter” design
  • Whipping to the front of the fletching for added security

*Other points are available on request

All RHA arrows are tuned to best suit the archer and their equipment by a professional arrowsmith.
Static spine, length & point weight are all optimised based on the type, model and poundage of bow as well as the archers draw length.
In short – highly tuned to work to their maximum efficiency!

RHA Standard Designs (wood)


If you like the idea of bespoke arrows but don’t want to go the full custom route we have several beautiful options for you to choose from….

These stunning arrows have as much care and attention lavished on them as the full custom option.
Sanded, rounded and professionally straightened before even seeing a paint brush, you can rest assured that they are getting the very best attention!
Once crested the shafts are treated to 5x layers of varnish in a process known only to Robin Hood Archery. They are left with a beautifully deep, glossy, mirror like finish which is unrivalled in the market.
All shafts are spine and weight matched and fitted with TopHat points

A much loved design and with crowning options of Orange, black, green or brown these stunningly finished arrows are the perfect companion to your traditional archery gear.

Natural wood finish crown, dark stained shaft and classy black/white/gold cresting.

Available in red or blue with “distressed” white crown and with your choice of fletching. These are real head turners!(coming soon!)


Add on options of shaft tapering and/or whipping to the front of the fletching is available on request…