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Custom Arrows/wood or carbon


“As you can imagine, arrow specification and therefore their pricing can differ significantly.
I can supply almost any make or model of carbon shaft as well as being able to supply spruce (recommended), cedar and pine wooden shafts (Other woods may be available on request).
If you already know the exact specification of the arrows you would like to order thats fine. If however you would like to take advntage of my tuning services I can do so free of charge”.
Kev “Arrow” Smith

Cresting design service is also free of charge!

If you would like a quote for RHA Custom Made arrows please CONTACT me and let me know whether you require wood or carbon arrows (and specific make/model of shafts if known).
Also, needed… Which of the following options and combinations you would like included with your arrow design:

  • Stained shafts (wood)
  • Crowning (wood, carbon)
  • Cresting (wood, carbon)
  • Self nocks with horn inserts (wood)
  • Tapered shafts (wood)
  • Stainless steel shaft protector caps (carbon)
  • Fletching preference (if known)
  • Add on options of shaft tapering and/or whipping to the front of the fletching is available on request…

At the time of ordering I will need to know:

  1. Make & Model of bow
  2. Bow poundage (either on your fingers or the standard “at 28”)
  3. Your draw length
  4. Whether your bow is fitted with a performance string
  5. Intended category of use for the arrows
  6. Whether you shoot left or right handed (for wooden arrows only)

Traditional hand cresting of a shaft at Robin Hood Archer. All done with paint, brushes and a steady hand!