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Premium Arrows


“Between choices of nock and fletching colour combinations, as well as the different types of points, there are a myriad of styling combinations possible with our RHA Premium Arrows! That’s not taking into account different spine values, arrow lengths, point weights or any of the extras that I have made available!
There is a massive amount of room for personalizing your Premium Arrows from RHA”!

Kev “Arrow” Smith

RHA Premium arrows, professionally built, straightened and tuned for you by myself!

Ready to shoot!

Optimize your performance with arrows that are built to work to their absolute maximum performance levels.
I take into account your bow type, the poundage, your draw length and string type to calculate the best arrow for your needs.
There’s also a touch of black magic in there as well as years of arrow tuning experience 😉

SOLD IN SETS OF 12 (min order)


  • Spruce Shafts (weighed to within 15gn)
  • Choice of 11/32″ or 5/16″ (draw weight to spine calculations allowing)
  • TopHat Points – Choice of field or bullet points in steel or brass
  • 4″ Fletching – 2x plain 1x barred
  • Choice of nock colour – White/Black/Yellow/fl. red/fl. Orange/fl. Green
  • Professional Straightening
  • RHA Hi-Gloss varnished finish (2 layer)

Optional Extras: (on request)

  • Neon, camo etc fletching
  • Stained “Crown”
  • Stained Shaft
  • RHA “Ultra-Gloss” finish (5 layers)

At the time of ordering I will need to know:

  1. Make & Model of bow
  2. Bow poundage (either on your fingers or the standard “at 28”)
  3. Your draw length
  4. Whether your bow is fitted with a performance string
  5. Intended category of use for the arrows
  6. Whether you shoot left or right handed

If you have any question regarding this product please don’t hesitate to contact me

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