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Korsai Archery Rucksack


Korsai Archery Rucksack

Korsai offers THE archery rucksack with integrated quiver feature!
This is much, much more than the many transportation rucksacks you’ve seen on the market.

The Korsai archery rucksack is the perfect companion for the 3D course or any time you need to take more than just your bow and arrows. Get the benefits of an integrated quiver while safely carrying your equipment in a robust and cleverly thought out package.

As well as being constructed with absolute quality and functionality in mind, comfort is also a paramount consideration to allow all-day use. The shoulder straps and rear of the pack are designed to adapt perfectly to your body shape. This allows ultimate comfort and means the rucksack does not intrude on your shooting. Its easy to forget it’s there!

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