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RHA “Superlite” Bow Quiver


Takes 5 arrows while in use with space for a 6th when the bow is stored.
Many sold worldwide!
These are the lightest type of bow quiver in the world! Approx 19g inc the ties!!!
They work well, are inexpensive and last very well (I have personally been using mine for over a year and its still going strong)

Able to take standard field points, rubber blunts, judo points or any other type of point (although the quiver can take broadheads we dont recommend it due to safety issues as the quiver design has no “hood”)
Supplied with 2x reusable zip ties for attachment, these can be reused time again. You can even attach and remove the quiver with the bow fully strung!
*Standard design is for shaft diameters of between 5/16″ and 11/32″. If you require anything outside of these dimensions please let me know!

Now offering 9 arrow bow quivers! (10th one possible but only for storage)

19euro – 5 arrow quiver (takes a 6th for storage only),
8euros – “Quiver Extender” that takes an extra 4 arrows for only 8euros!

27euros for a 9 arrow bow quiver will take some beating!