Ammo Catchboxes (inc one you can build for virtually nothing!)

A catchbox is an essential piece of equipment for any slinger who doesnt want to spend a fortune on ammo!

What is a Catchbox?

A catchbox is simply a way of setting up a target with a means of slowing down and collecting your ammo once all the energy in it is spent.
If you position your catchbox sensibly, and have an eye for safety, it will provide you with hours of practice and fun while also allowing retrieval of your ammo.
Designs vary enormously and there are many great catchboxes to see via a “Google Images” search.

A good catchbox design should:

  • Have facility to hang or clip your target to it
  • Be big enough for you to hit at your maximum chosen distance
  • Have a method of taking the energy out of fast moving ammo
  • Collect the ammo for your retrieval
  • Minimize the risk of ricochets
This virtually free slingshot ammo catchbox couldnt be simpler…or cheaper!

Any sturdy box will suffice. Ive used the longest dimension of the box as the “depth” of the catchbox to minimize ammo “bounce out”
With that in mind the distance you set the rail back from the front may need fine tuning.
Obviously this is not meant to last forever and certainly not for use in wet weather but as a stop gap on the road to setting up something more permanent its just about perfect
UPDATED: Last 3 photos – Ive added a couple of alterations like sloping floor, better backstop and ammo retrieval hatch to the project…

…Of course things can be even simpler 😉

Whichever design you settle on for your catchbox be safe and have fun!

Kev “Arrow” Smith