A massive welcome to a different kind of archery store!

Since founding Robin Hood Arrows in 2012 I quickly become known worldwide for my custom crested arrows and unparalleled customer service. Building on this success I am now expanding my services to include many exciting products for traditional archers.

Robin Hood Archery is born

My philosophy is simple –  to provide high quality, low volume goods from European suppliers and manufacturers. What really sets my store apart is that I only include articles that I feel I can personally recommend!

The vast majority of items available in the Robin Hood Archery shop have been used, tested and evaluated by myself. If it makes it into the shop you know its going to be good!

“I am constantly on the look out for high quality goods to add to the RHA product catalogue.
If you are a supplier of high quality goods, are based in Europe, and are happy to let me test your products to the highest levels then lets talk!”

Kev ‘Arrow’ Smith

RHA Workshop

Custom Arrows, Arrow Tuning, Traditional Bows, Accessories, Leather Goods, Slingshots & More


Design and Tuning


Longbows, flatbows, horsebows


Quality craftsmanship

Premium Quality

The curse of being a perfectionist!…As an archer of many years with an engineering background I have gained a name as an incurable perfectionist. I hate the phrase ‘That’ll do’. As such, all RHA products have been very carefully hand-picked. My goal in life is to ensure you only receive top quality goods and services.

Peace Of Mind Shopping

Because I only include products that I have personal knowledge of, and have tested and evaluated, you know that any articles bought through Robin Hood Archery are going to be good! Quality of manufacture, functionality and even looks are all taken into account before being added. From bows and custom arrows, to quivers and bow racks, I offer a range of high quality archery equipment that you will quickly fall in love with.

Full Customisation

To ensure that you will be fully satisfied with any product you decide to order from RHA I offer full customization of any ordering options. This is especially true for our bespoke crested arrows, which are tailored to your wishes. They are also tuned for you by a professional arrowsmith!
If you can imagine it, we can create it. Dont see the exact option for you in the shop? Just let me know!

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