Simon’s Custom Edition


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“Stunning works of art with attention to detail that is just jaw dropping! Simon van der Heijden has taken the horsebow concept and made it his own. Although his bows are inspired by historical Asiatic designs this is no copy. Every aspect of the design has been developed to work to its optimum without being restricted by any varient that came before it. The beautiful horsebow looks that truly offers modern day performance”!
Kev “Arrow” Smith

Simon’s Bow Company
“Traditional Craftsmanship with Modern Performance“!

Standard Edition Caramel
(options in blue inc 5% introductory discount)

  • Length: Choice of 54″ or 56″
  • Draw length: 54″ bow – up to 32″
  • Draw length: 56″ bow – up to 34″
  • Poundage: 25 to 65 lbs (in 5lbs increments
  • Riser and Siyah: Ash or Black Locust included in the price
  • Riser and Siyah: Walnut or Cherry option + €19,-
  • Clear or black fiberglass included in price
  • Yellow or caramelized action bamboo cores € 9,50
  • Sunburst effect to the limbs € 47,50
  • Stabil core € 28,50
  • Tips: Black or Brown Micarta overlays
  • Includes: Fast flight string & bow sleeve

Orders for the “Custom Edition” bow via email only please, to allow for the bespoke options.

All bows are hand made by Simon with great care and craftsmanship.
Simon van der Heijden spends most of his time in his workshop doing what he loves: making bows!
Simon has been making bows for over ten years. He started with simple wooden self bows and soon after that laminated longbows. Studying a variety of bows he became interested in traditional bows from the Middle-East and Asia which led him discover new bow making techniques involving modern materials.
Simon’s passion comes from being part of the whole process. Laying out the “raw materials”, putting them together, shaping them and as a result, making a piece of art you can use!

Order time for custom bows is currently 1-3 months. This may vary.
Orders for the “Custom Edition” bow via email only to allow for your choice of  bespoke options. Click HERE